boparai kalan

Raqba Tournament 2011

4th annual Kabaddi Tournament was held at village Raqba from 25th - 27th February, 2011 under the guidance of Baba Joginder Singh Ji with the support of entire village and espacially youth. S. Nirmal Singh Nimma, prominent kabaddi player of Raqba shared with us this poster and photos. We are very thankful to all organisers for holding a successful tournament very cordially and peacefully. At the last day Baba Joginder Singh Ji, S. Manpreet Singh Ayali, S. Joginder Singh Bal (ex sarpanch), S. Avtar Singh Bal, Nirmal Singh Nimma, Bheena Manila, S. Jagdish Singh Pandori, Master Mohan Singh Pandori, S. Lakhvir Singh Lakha, Boparai Kalan and large no. of spectators were present. Photos coverage only on your favourite area No. 1


Kabadi 33 kg 1st Mahala Kalan, 2nd Kanech
Kabadi 52 kg 1st Raqba, 2nd Bhagta Bhai Ka
Kabadi 70 kg 1st Raqba, 2nd Kot Kror
Kabadi open 1st Jodhan, 2nd Raqba.
Ghori Revia - Ist Lakha Jamnanager (motorcycle), 2nd Sukhchain Singh Jagraon, 3rd Parampal Singh Sirsa
Chhapaata - Jujhar Singh Kukrala (motorcycle), 2nd Gobind Singh Dhada Sahib, 3rd Hardev Singh Saarod
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boparai kalan no. 1
boparai kalan no. 1
Boparai kalan no. 1