boparai kalan

World Record Holder for Longest Beard - Bhai Sarwan Singh Ji
We feel honoured to introduce Bhai Sarwan Singh Ji who holds the world record for longest beard. God has blessed him with this special feature and he is very thankful to Waheguru. He is very kind, soft spoken and god fearing religious man. We feel happy to share that Bhai Ji told us that he studied Gurbani at Gurdwara Sachkhand Boparai Kalan from  Sant Niranjan Singh Ji Vaid. We are very grateful to Bhai Ji for accepting our request to share his views with us. We are also indebited to brother S. Harjeet Singh Boparai for arranging time with Bhai Ji. Please listen carefully & his family also loves BoparaiSudhar.Com - Look at his home TV on back.
                                     world record holder