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Some Old Memories
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(1868 - 1950)

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Our village is considered as of the best educated in whole area because it has produced many doctors, engineers, army officers and teachers in past. Many of our elders got good positions with different organisations with their dedication and hard work. Here we are sharing brief info. about one of them thanks to brother Ishwar Jagpal.
S. Anup Singh Jagpal son of Jiwa Singh Jagpal from village Boparai Kalan Distt. Ludhiana was one of a few early commissioned officers from our village. He attained the rank of Jemadar, a rank used in the British Indian Army, for a Viceroy's Commissioned Officer (VCO), one of a few ranks at that time given to non British officers in the Indian Army. He served the British Indian Army from 1888 to 1923 primarily based in Burma. He was survived by two sons S. Harbhajan Singh & S. Amar Singh.
S. Harbhajan Singh's family is now settled in Canada after moving out from Malaysia. His son Mr Ishwar Jagpal is a successful professional with RBC in Canada, While elder son S. Amar Singh, a British army personnel adorned with three 2nd world war medals and retired as Reader to Sessions Judge is settled at Ludhiana and rest of his family settled in Australia since 1990.

Down The Memory Lane
Late Sant Niranjan Singh Ji Vaid laying foundation stone of new building of Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj on October 18, 1995.
boparai kalan no.1
boparai kalan

boparai kalan no. 1

Founder Committee of Boparai Kalan School

We are able to identify almost all these persons with your help, who helped to start Boparai Kalan school in 1930's. Most of them belong to Boparai Kalan. This photo was clicked in around 1950. We are publishing the names as we collected from different sources. Most of these are absolutely correct but few are still guess work. If anyone want to correct us, please send us a message any time. We are extremely thankful to all the friends and elders who provided their input to unlock this mystery, especially to S. Balwant Singh Jagpal (Vancouver), Headmaster Surjeet Singh Deol (Fresno, USA) and Master Iqbal Singh Deol, Burlington.
boparai kalan no. 1

Sitting in front: Child 1.  2. 3.

Row 1 Sitting from left to right
1. Babu Uttam Singh Deol 2. son 1 of Bagga Singh, 3. Son 2 of Bagga Singh, 4. Mrs. Bagga Singh, 5. Bagga Singh U.S.A., 6. Mal Singh U.S.A., 7. Principal Iqbal Singh, 8. Dr. Arjan Singh, 9. Dr. Dasaunda Singh Jagpal. 10. Mann Singh 

Row 2 Standing
1. Kabel Singh Jagpal, 2. S. Budh Singh , 3.
S. Sarang Singh, 4. Subedar Sarwan Singh, 5. Head master Rajinder Singh, 6. Master Jwala Singh, 7. Tara Singh, 8. Sunder Singh Jagpal, 9. Babu Chanan Singh, 10. S. Chanan Singh, 11. Naranjan Singh, 12. S. Dalip Singh

Back Row 3
1. Master Gurbax Singh, 2. S.Gurdial Singh Sanghera, 3. S.
Mall Singh, 4. Subedar Kartar Singh, 5. Ajit Singh, 6. Randhir Singh, 7. Gurbax Singh Deol, 8. S. Nand Singh, 9. Kartar Singh, 10. S. Ujjagar Singh, 11. Head master Surjit Singh, 12. Nahar Singh

A Rare Original Photo of Nihang Baba Shamsher Singh Ji
gurusar sudhar
Nihang Shamsher Singh Ji was a great devotee of Guru Hargobind Sahib. He came to Gurusar Sudhar upon request of area sangat from Raikot. Here he took the responsiblity of maintenance and development of Gurdawara Patshahi 6th, the place which has the benign blessings of Guru Hargobind Sahib, who spent significant moments of his life here.

As he had a visionary idea, he established a ‘Gurmukhi Pathshala’ in 1921, which he used to call a College. It is still running as GHG Khasla Senior Secondary School at Gurusar Sudhar. Interestingly, Nihang Ji’s dream got God’s blessings and in 1948, Guru Hargobind Khalsa College, Gurusar Sadhar came into existence in a wing of school in the old complex where presently G.H.G. Khalsa College of Education is functioning. Later college was moved to its present campus on the Ludhiana - Bathinda main road.

So, our area owe a lot to this great visionary whose thinking was way ahead of his times.

boparai kalan no. 1

Boparai Kalan Kabadi Team 1966

boparai kalan no. 1


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