boparai kalan
This website has been started for common man with a different vision. For us a common man is most important because he struggles throughout his life like 99% of us. You have seen many websites/newspapers/channels which become mouthpiece (chamchas) of rich and influential persons and they forget about common population due to their personal gains. But here we will try to highlight the struggle of a common man to survive in this materialistic and cruel world. Itís not the money but character of a person which makes his importance in our view.

This Guy is important because:

  • Although he is struggling but still he preferred to work instead begging from rich. It shows his character. You have seen many rich persons who have lot of money but still they try desperately to extract more money from other ordinary people by hook or crook.
  • He is busy with his simple life style staying away from politics, controversies and gimmicks, so called criteria of importance these days.
  • He is a non believer in todays so called "Sanmaan Samarohs" where few allied persons exchange trophies/mementos/shawls with each other. At end of the day everyone gets his share as planned thereby befooling the general public.
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